Shrimp / Fish Processing Machineries

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Automatic Grading & Filth Washing Machine with Front Feeder Conveyor (For PUD variety)

Used for clean washing and accurate grading of Head-on, Headless – Shell on, PUD types of  Shrimps & Prawn.  The average capacity under standard test condition ranges from 450 kg to 500 kg/hr.  Six different grades can be collected on a single machine at a time.  Machines are completely made in Food Grade Stainless Steel.


Automatic Grading & Filth Washing Machine for HEADLESS SHELLON variety


Continuous Blanching/ Cooking & IQF Freezing System Configured as:

(a) Feeder Conveyor


(b) Blanching/ Cooking Conveyor

(c) Cooling & Draining Conveyor

(d) Vibrator Feeder

(e) I.Q.F Conveyor with Refrigeration

(f) Spray Glazer

(g) Hardening Conveyor

I.Q.F Conveyor Equipped with Ammonia/ Liquid Nitrogen Freezing System.
Metal Detector Conveyor
Shrimp Agitator Machine (Stirrer)

Used for slow & uniform stirring of the approved chemicals with approximately 600 kg of Shrimps/ Prawn. Machines are completely made in Food Grade Stainless Steel.

Squid Ring Cutting Conveyor

The Squid Tubes are placed manually on a Food Grade Belt and are cut mechanically into rings.

Fish Slicing Machine



Used for slicing frozen Fish meat into any required size & shape. Available in both Benzo blade and Circular blades.

Ice Crusher


Hot Dip Blanching Tank

Used for the instant manual blanching of Shrimps/ Prawn/ Squids. The water is electrically heated by Bobbin Heaters and the temperature can be regulated electronically.

Fish & Shrimp’s Filth Washing System (head-on / headless)

The Sea-catch is directly dumped into the Tank and clean hygienic product is conveyed out of the Tank after rigorous washing done by the heavy duty blowers fitted inside the Tank.

Tray De-frosting Conveyor

Used for continuous de-frosting of the meat slab from the Trays/ Pans after the trays are removed
from the Plate Freezers.

De-heading Conveyor

Used in at a value addition stage the Shrimps/ Prawn are manually de-headed and are conveyed systematically so as to collect the waste in one end and the main meat at the other end.

Setting Conveyor System

Used in the manual setting of the Shrimps/ Prawn into the trays. The Raw material basins are collected at one end and the set trays are collected on the other end.

Truck Loading/ Unloading Conveyor