About us

Established in 1987, RECPL, initially  RAJMA ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES, is one of the first companies in India to pioneer the manufacture of SHRIMP / FISH PROCESSING SYSTEMS, as an import substitute to the Fish Processors based in India. RECPL is committed to being an innovative manufacturer since its inception and its operations are statistically sustained on, 1. Quality  2. Performance   3. Service.

The founder of the company 
Mr.K. VIJAYAN, had a modest start in his career by designing and manufacturing Heavy Duty Conveyors, Rolling Mills and all other types of Material Handling Systems for some of the Top Engineering Companies based in Maharashtra. It was only until 1985, that he decided to implement his plan of venturing into a project which has eventually blended a paradigm shift to his credentials, as his company is now recognized Internationally.  He has grown over the years to be known as a Pioneer of the concept of Shrimp / Fish Processing Systems and Conveyors all over India.

As an industry leader,
RECPL invests heavily in Research and Development , to experiment new Processing Methodologies, Sophisticated technology and Routinely Maintainable Systems. The products are made of High Quality Standards at RECPLís manufacturing plants. Thus RECPL has a dream of uniting all its strengths and ultimately orienting it towards the satisfaction of the Customers. The monument of RECPLís credentials have received such vast appreciation that the Processors around the World are now trying to link themselves with us.